Corraterie Gestion was founded in 1984 to be a leader in independent financial services
for HNWI in Geneva.

Since then, clients and families with multiple assets have been using different banks
for many years, and are more than ever looking for a highly professional independent structure, able to assist them in managing their wealth deposited with many different counterparts.

In 2013, Eric Sturdza decided to open to this new market opportunity, and Corraterie Gestion became part of his Group.

Corraterie Gestion remained independent and Eric Sturdza wanted it to become
a valuable tool with a unique bouquet of financial services and investment opportunities.

As the founder of Banque Eric Sturdza,
I am honoured to celebrate the long-term associations
that exist with our established clients,
and to welcome new clients into our world
of trust, understanding and respect.

Eric I. Sturdza

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