Our Approach to portfolio management

Modern portfolio construction strategy

Corraterie Gestion’s model of portfolio construction is based on three pillars, in order
to provide a really personalized portfolio:

  • Assessment of client’s financial goals, in terms of his performance targets and time horizon.
  • Deep analysis of current market conditions and of the realistic opportunity
    of reaching the targets: risk/reward ratio.
  • Creation of a custom made portfolio that best fits the client’s requirements through our in-house methodology.

Our approach to Portfolio Management


Achieving robust returns through a medium term horizon by optimizing portfolio’s
risk-return coupled with a focus on risk control.

To carry out this, we closely monitor different metrics that assess the portfolio’s risk.


Asset allocation

Our asset allocation is the result of an in-depth analysis of macroeconomic data completed by a continuous study of various financial market indicators

Portfolio construction

We build a well diversified portfolio through active and passive strategies
in bonds, equities and alternative investments. A lot of care is dedicated to the portfolio robustness through the study of correlations in order to properly diversify its investment risk.

Portfolio’s risk control

Close and regular control of the portfolio’s risk metrics.


In the event of a significant change in our macroeconomic scenario or a shift
in trend in financial markets, we are ready to quickly adapt
the portfolio’s risk profile.


Investment universe

Our investment universe is very broad. Once the asset allocation has been set, we look for the best products in each asset class, whether it is investment funds, ETFs or single names.

Investment funds

Investment funds are rigorously selected via a two steps process:

  • a qualitative approach through a full due diligence
  • a quantitative approach through in-depth fund characteristics analysis and comparison with peers.

Performance and risk of selected investment funds are monitored on a monthly basis and meetings with managers are organized on a regular basis.


If exposure through investment funds does not give full satisfaction, ETFs (physical replication) are considered.

Single names

A short list of the best picks selected by fund managers is established.

Combining the target performance and the possible drawdown, we build, together with the client, an investment proposal
related to his financial targets that will not disappoint his expectations even in difficult market conditions.