Wealth managers since 1984, we offer our expertise to clients wishing to preserve, grow and transmit their wealth, perpetuating Eric Sturdza Group's spirit and values.

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Wealth Management

We build, in complete independence, a bespoke portfolio perfectly aligned with your risk profile and your requirements always ensuring sustainability and growth of your assets.

Family Office

We are convinced the only viable approach to serve the global interests of families is a holistic analysis encompassing all aspects of the family’s wealth and business

A unique approach to Wealth Management and Family Office

Solidity and thoroughness

We are 100% owned by Eric Sturdza Group, a Swiss banking group, founded more than 30 years ago. A sustainable structure endorsed by the Sturdza Family which not only represents a solid shareholder, but also understands a family’s unique circumstances and needs. This ownership is also an assurance of thoroughness, in particular as we are regulated by certain FINMA rules, the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority, as well as by the Swiss Association of Asset Managers (ASG), of which we are a founding member.

Entrepreneurial at heart

An entrepreneurial spirit is at the heart of Eric Sturdza Group's DNA. It implies simplicity and efficiency on all levels. We bring together comprehensive talents and expertise and seek opportunities aligned with our values: sustainable, reliable, efficient and responsible.

Independence and pragmatism

We represent our clients with conviction and take informed measures. We ensure that their interests are always aligned with ours. Each transaction is conducted with a performance objective and stringently risk controlled. We understand our clients’ needs and design effective and customized solutions for them.

Driven by the spirit and principles of Eric Sturdza group, we put our expertise at your service, your satisfaction being our foremost objective. We offer proven bespoke solutions via a holistic approach of your wealth and a 360° assistance process combining advice, implementation and monitoring of selected solutions.

Our goal: Protect, manage and grow your wealth enabling you to reach your financial goals whilst preserving the interests of the next generations.

“We combine a high level of expertise and responsibility, with the ability to innovate, to challenge the status quo, to investigate new territories, to create dedicated and bespoke solutions.”

    Our strength

    A holistic approach of wealth

    Corraterie Gestion, wealth manager and family office, has built its reputation by fostering its family and entrepreneurial spirit